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Surviving a doomsday apocalypse requires careful preparation and strategic planning. Here’s a list of 50 survival items along with brief descriptions for each:

30 Day Food Bucket

1. 30 Day Food Bucket


When the zombies strike in an apocalypse, you need food while hiding and a 30-day supply of food would be able to keep you nourished while you stay in your hideout and strategize. This food bucket contains a variety of dehydrated or freeze-dried meals that have a long shelf life and are designed to provide essential nutrients for you.

2. Clotting Gauze


Designed to stop bleeding faster, this flexible hemostatic medical gauze is perfect for treating moderate to severe wounds in emergency situations. With its innovative quick clotting technology, it helps promote clotting and accelerates the body’s natural healing process. It’s both compact and lightweight so it’s easy to carry in your backpack, first aid kit, or emergency preparedness gear!

3. 8 Piece 5.3 Gallon Collapsible Water Cubes


Constructed from BPA-free materials, these water cubes ensures safe drinking water storage. It also comes with a built-in spigot which allows for easy access to water without the need for additional pouring devices.

Plus, when not in use, the container can be folded down for compact storage, making it ideal for survival kits.

4. Heirloom 15,000 Vegetable Seeds


With a vast variety of non-GMO seeds, including vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, carrots, and more, this pack provides the means to grow a diverse and sustainable garden.

Each seed is also carefully selected for its heirloom quality, ensuring that the resulting plants will produce viable seeds for future harvests when SHTF.

5. Swisher ESP Human Safety Shelter


The Swisher SR84X039G ESP Safety Shelter is basically the ultimate solution for protection when SHTF if you’re willing to spend a little more while bugging in. Its bolt-together design makes for easy construction and relocation which makes it both flexible and convenient too in case you decide to change the location of the shelter in your home or elsewhere.

Equipped with emergency panels for rapid exit, you can evacuate quickly and safely too when needed. The quick-release sliding door design allows for opening even when blocked by debris, minimizing space constraints and ensuring accessibility.

Shielded air vents also guarantee uninterrupted airflow, maintaining oxygen levels within the shelter with a capacity of up to 6 persons. Prepare for any eventuality with this sem-bunker if you’re in a threatened area or areas prone to tornadoes and earthquakes.

23 in 1 Shovel

6. 23 in 1 Tactical Shovel


Designed so well, this shovel does more than 1 thing, in fact, it does 23 things which include a saw blade, knife blade, screwdriver and firestarter.

275 Travel First Aid Kit

7. 275 Piece Travel First Aid Kit


These 275-piece aid kit will not save you from a zombie bite but they will come in handy for cuts, lacerations and dressing a wound!

8. Noco Car Battery Jump Starter


Compact yet robust, this jump starter is will jump-start a wide range of vehicles, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, and more. With its advanced lithium-ion battery technology, it delivers reliable starting power which would be necessary when you bug out and in your car.

PLUS, it also doubles down as a power bank with USB ports for charging your electronic devices like which saves some weight and space when you’re bugging out while also acting as a spare of your power banks.

Drinking Water Pouch

9. Drinking Water Pouch


Water, in a pouch, for drinking, in an emergency, it’s really convenient and portable while also being lightweight and storable especially for emergencies where all water supply is unavailable or destroyed.

Disposable skin stapler

10. Disposable Skin Stapler


This disposable skin stapler is a medical device used for wound closure, similar to a regular skin stapler, but it is designed for single-use only. After use, the entire stapler, including the staples can be thrown which reduces the risk of cross-contamination and infection between patients especially in messy emergency situations.

zippo mag strike fire starter

11. Zippo Mag Strike


This Zippo Mag Strike features a ferrocerium rod, which is a type of fire-starting material that produces sparks when scraped with the included built-in metal striker that can be used to create sparks against the ferrocerium rod, igniting dry tinder or other fire-starting materials.

12. 22 Serving Freeze Dried Ground Beef for Bugging in


A valuable addition to any emergency food supply, especially if you’re preparing to bug in during a SHTF situation.

With its long shelf life and lightweight packaging its both a convenient and efficient source of protein for sustenance during extended periods of isolation though you could also opt for protein powders which is much easier to store and consume but nothing beats having actual proteins from meat in your diet.

If you’re still considering protein powders or whey, the best one you could go for would be the 10 Pound Gold Standard 100% Whey which is roughly 150 servings of 24 grams of protein.

13. 4 Week Emergency Food Supply Survival Kit


The 192-Serving Emergency Food Kit offers a variety of delicious, family-favorite recipes designed to provide essential nutrition and energy during emergency situations. With 11 tasty options like Grammy’s Sweet Oatmeal, Fireside Stew, and America’s Finest Mac & Cheese, there’s something for everyone. The kit provides approximately 36,480.

You can opt for the 3 Month (135,040 calories) or 6 Month Kit (270,080 calories) too which are 712-servings and 1424-servings respectively.

While this amount can sustain an individual during an emergency, it’s important to note that certain groups, such as pregnant women, children, the elderly, or those with specific health conditions, may require additional calories. This kit is intended to supplement your food supply during emergencies and is not meant to replace a complete diet during normal times. Adjustments may be necessary based on individual needs and circumstances.

14. 3M Half Facepiece Reusable Respirator


The half facepiece design allows for compatibility with various filters and cartridges which will help with protection against contaminants, including gases, vapors, and particulates.

It also comes with an adjustable strap and a soft silicone facepiece which will give both comfort and a secure fit – crucial for extended wear and movement as you’ll likely be wearing this while on the go when you bug out or maybe for bugging in too because when SHTF it’s hard to say what you’ll need and when.

15. Super Loud Whistle


Apparently, this whistle is so loud people could lose their hearing just listening to it which is great in emergency situations where you’re in a compromised position, lost or in danger to attract attention.

16. Professional CB Radio


Short for Citizens Band radio, this is a two-way communication device that operates on the Citizens Band radio service. CB radios are widely used for short-range communication among individuals and groups, particularly for personal, recreational, and professional purposes and will be great to have in emergencies for backup communication.

17. Midland 50 Channel GMRS Two Way Radio


With 50 channels and a range of up to several miles, this two-way radio allows users to stay connected in remote areas or during outdoor adventures. It features a compact and portable design, making it convenient to carry on your bug out backpack.

18. 5-Year 55-Gallon Water Preserver Concentrate


Made in the USA, this water storage solution is recognized and licensed by both U.S. and state EPA’s.

This is first and only product accepted and proven safe for 5-year water storage and perfect for us preppers. This innovative solution has undergone over 12 years of rigorous testing and real-world use so there’s no worries as to reliability.

Prepare for when SHTF with confidence, knowing your water supply is safe and secure with this simple water storage hack.

Emergency Survival Bags

19. Emergency Survival Bags


Survival bags are like sleeping bags but for survival, they are designed to be used inside to add extra insulation and warmth while you lay in them.

20. Jackery Power Station with USB Charging


Jackery power stations are designed to be lightweight and easy to carry, making them highly portable for on-the-go use.

It also features various output ports, such as AC outlets, USB ports and DC ports which can power or charge various devices like laptops, smartphones, tablets, cameras, and other small appliances and is perfect for emergencies, highly recommended for an apocalypse, seriously.

21. Ultimate Emergency Car Kit


From jumper cables to reflective triangles to first aid, a set of this is a must for anyone out for an expedition or any sort of travel where help is likely unavailable to you.

22. Hand Crank Powerbank


Crank it up and charge! You wouldn’t need to worry about losing power for your devices when you’re out of power – no need to rely on electricity or disposable batteries because you’ll basically be able to charge limitlessly with this bad boy. This crank power bank is compatible with your smartphones, tablets, and other USB-powered gadgets so it’s a good addition to your bug out bag so long as you’re willing to crank it up.

23. Kinetic Projectile Launcher


A kinetic projectile launcher, often referred to as a “kinetic launcher,” is a device or system designed to launch projectiles using kinetic energy, typically without the use of chemical propellants or explosives.

These launchers rely on mechanical means to accelerate the projectile to high speeds which is a great alternative to any lethal methods of self-defense.

24. Resqme 2-in-1 Seatbelt Cutter and Window Breaker


This tool features a sharp blade capable of cutting through seatbelts with minimal effort, providing a swift escape in the event of an accident or entrapment along with its built-in window breaker allowing you to shatter through car windows especially which has saved a lot of lives, good to have in your bug out bag, bug in bag and in the car.

25. Solar Power Bank


The power bank is equipped with solar panels that capture sunlight and convert it into electrical energy. It combines a solar panel with a battery pack, making it a convenient and eco-friendly solution for charging devices while on the go, especially in emergencies.

26. Powerful Flashlight with Powerbank


This combination allows you to use the flashlight for illumination while also using it to charge other electronic devices making it a convenient and multipurpose tool for outdoor activities or emergencies.

27. Garmin Instinct 2 GPS Smartwatch


The watch is equipped with a solar panel that can harness sunlight to extend battery life, allowing you to use the watch for longer periods without the need for frequent charging and also has GPS perfect for any survival situations.

28. 250 Piece Survival Kit


This kit would be a perfect thing to buy for each family member and kept in storage for a day we might need it, just in case.

29. Venom Extractor Suction Pump


Designed to safely remove venom from snake bites, insect stings, or spider bites, this suction pump can help mitigate the effects of envenomation and potentially saving lives when you’re on the move or camping out when SHTF.

Compact and portable, it can easily be included in first aid kits or your survival backpack for quick access.

30. 100 Deadly Skills: COMBAT EDITION book for self defense


You might overlook self defense when SHTF but its probably one of the most underrated thing on a preppers list.

This book provides practical self-defense techniques and strategies that can be useful for protecting yourself and your loved ones even if it means learning theoretically, it could still help if you’re not willing to go for classes or can’t afford to.

It also covers non-physical skills by addressing mental preparedness, resilience, and situational awareness so you’ll have the mindset and confidence to make quick decisions under pressure.

31. Survival Knife


This knife is powerful and will be fit for any sort of cutting or chopping when you are out in the woods with an extremely ergonomic handle.

32. Geertop Portable 2 Person 4 Season Tent


With both waterproof and double-layer construction, this tent has a great resistance to rain, wind, and snow, making it great for bugging out.

It also has an easy setup design for quick assembly while being both compact and lightweight so you’ll be able to carry it in your backpacks without it weighing you down while on the go. Heard some great reviews about Geertop though you could opt for the MSR Elixir if you have the budget.

33. Ultralight Powerlix Sleeping Pad


The Ultralight Powerlix Sleeping Pad weighs just 14.5 ounces. This inflatable sleeping pad is incredibly lightweight, making it perfect for a BOB as you can keep weight to its bare minimum.

But despite its featherlight design, it also offers durability and support as it comes with a high-quality ripstop nylon material and advanced air cell technology. The pad also inflates easily with just a few breaths and provides exceptional insulation from the cold ground wherever you end up setting up base.

Venom Extractor

34. Venom Extractor


The idea behind this ingenious tool is to minimize the spread of venom in the body and potentially reduce the severity of the envenomation or allergic reaction. But this should not be a replacement for professional help, use it as a first-resort tool after calling for help!

35. Aerosol Fire Extinguisher


An aerosol fire extinguisher is a type of portable fire extinguisher that uses aerosol technology to dispense a fire-suppressing agent. It is a compact and easy-to-use device designed to extinguish small fires in their early stages.

36. 2 Story Mini Ladder


The ladder is designed to reach from a window on the second floor to the ground. It is usually long enough to accommodate the height of a typical two-story building.

When not in use, the escape ladder is compact and easy to store. It can be kept under a bed, in a closet or even your car.

37. 200 Piece Coin Tissues


The tissues are compressed into a compact shape to save space and reduce bulkiness during storage and transport.

38. Nuclear Radiation Detector


Also known as a radiation dosimeter or Geiger-Muller counter, is a device used to detect and measure the presence of ionizing radiation.

It detects ionizing radiation, such as alpha, beta, and gamma particles, and produces an audible clicking sound or digital readout when radiation is detected.

39. Water Purifying Tablets


Water purifying tablets are compact and portable chemical agents designed to disinfect and purify water, making it safe for drinking and other uses. They are commonly used by hikers, campers, travelers, and in emergency situations where access to clean and safe drinking water may be limited or unavailable.

40. Solar Powered Stove


Solar cookers are designed with mirrors or panels, that concentrate sunlight onto a cooking area. The cooking chamber of the solar stove is well-insulated to trap heat and maintain consistent temperatures so you could cook meat and anything else that you have a hankering for out there.

41. Emergency Thermal Blankets


Also known as space blankets or Mylar blankets, these are thin, lightweight, and highly reflective blankets designed to provide warmth and protection in emergency situations. They are commonly used by hikers, campers and emergency responders.

42. Permanent Match Stick


A permanent matchstick typically consists of a metal casing that resembles a large matchstick. Inside the casing, there is a replaceable ferrocerium rod, which is the fire-starting component. This will be perfect for outdoor activities where you’re likely unable to start a fire properly.

43. Stun Gun


This stun gun is a handheld, non-lethal self-defense device designed to incapacitate an attacker temporarily by delivering a high-voltage electric shock from the top of the baton. The high-voltage, low current electric shock is sure to leave the threat to be immobilized in a very non-lethal manner which is always better.

44. Water Purification System


The BK2000 water filtration system is a cutting-edge portable solution for clean water in the outdoors. It comes with an innovative 5-stage filtration process, including ultrafiltration membrane and activated carbon that effectively removes impurities and improves taste too. Weighing only 350g, it’s lightweight and easily fits in a backpack, making it ideal for prepping or your BOBs.

The fast flow rate of 700ml per minute also gives quick access to clean water, while the long-lasting lithium battery provides enough power for 10-to-15-day trips. A good system to have in your BOB especially with family.

battery powered lantern

45. Battery Powered Lantern


This battery powered lantern will be great for any outdoor activities where you will need light without a power source which gives out a very bright light and lasts long too.

46. Night Vision Binocular


Night vision binoculars use image intensifier tubes to amplify and enhance available ambient light, making objects visible in low-light conditions and is perfect for emergencies especially outdoors where you can freely observe your surroundings without being detected as you may be if you used a flashlight.

47. Woodland Ghillie Suit


With loose and ragged threads or strips attached to the fabric. of this suit, it will help break up the human outline and create a three-dimensional appearance, resembling foliage or brush which will allow you to hunt OR hide in emergencies such as an apocalypse.

48. HeartStart Defibrillator


Also known as an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), is a life-saving medical device used to restore a normal heart rhythm in cases of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) by delivering an electric shock to the heart to restore a normal rhythm and could mean life or death which is always good to have at home when emergency services are unavailable or interrupted in emergency situations.

49.  Field Dressing Kit


This 10-piece dressing kit will be able to bring an elk from the field to a food on the table as every tool necessary to do so is in this complete kit.

50. Survival Medical Handbook


This will be great to just have in your backpack somewhere in the bottom at all times. When you’re in a compromised situation, you’ll have access to in-depth guides and advice on how to treat someone or yourself if you get hurt.