How to Hunt Quail from An Expert

Birds that are native to the Americas are quail. They belong to the family Phasianidae and the genus Coturnix. Quail is derived from the Aztec word Quejana, which refers to a specific species of quail. Quail can also refer to a small handgun in English.

A quail is uniquely suited to survive in temperate zones due to its habitat and diet. Fruit is what quails eat because they are frugivores. They live in deserts and agricultural areas in addition to grasslands and open woodlands. They usually make their nests in trees and are nocturnal. Typically, females produce two or three eggs and the eggs are incubated and fed by both parents.

Before hopping in, here’s where you find out When to hunt Quail where you’ll find the best times to hunt for them throughout the year.

Hunted Quails Laying on a Metal Beam next to a wooden Gun

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1. Covey Rise

A lot of people who hunt quail realize that they don’t catch the covey rises. During the covey rise, the key to killing quail is to only shoot one bird at a time. Be disciplined to concentrate on a single bird and not look at the other birds as they fly by.

To shoot the first flying bird, you need self-control. Make it a habit to think that you’re shooting singles. You could check on HOW TO HUNT QUAIL 101: UPLAND BIRD HUNTING TIPS AND TRICKS for additional information on quail hunting too.

2. Outfront Flush

Quails rarely behave as depicted in paintings, where they are typically positioned right under the pointing dog’s nose. Instead, you’ll be able to spot them from the front, up to 10 yards away. The term “outfront flush” refers to this. Prepare for it.

3. Walk Into the Wind

When you walk into the wind, the wind will drown out any sounds you make. The quail won’t be able to hear you as well, making it easier for your dog to pick up on their scent. Your dog will also be able to hear running quails if you walk into the wind.

Being on the subject of dogs, in training them, make sure that your dogs are well equipped with the information they need i.e., the scents. The holy grail of quail scents for me would have to be the D.T. Systems Quail Training Scent for Pets and the Dokken Quail Game Scent Wax which are both very effective for dog training purposes.

A dog with a quail in its mouth and smiling

4. Quail that Fly Low

Don’t Shoot Quail That Fly Low You could lower your muzzle below a plane parallel to the ground as a result of this.

5. Edges of the Field

Your pointing dog will only locate feeding coveys in the fields. Your dog will have a good chance of following a trail and finding covey activity if he or she works the woods that surround the field. I would also suggest getting a quail call and the one that I personally use is the Primos Hunting Valley Quail Call which is more than sufficient although it being quite cheap for its use which I mentioned in the table above too.

6. Take the Shot

A lot of hunters don’t take a shot at a bird that’s 30 to 35 yards away because they think it’s out of range. The majority of quails are slaughtered within 60 feet, so this cannot be further from the truth. Click this link if you want more information about the best quail hunting advice.

You should go on to Your best quail hunt: Tips from an expert for advice from an expert in the field of quail hunting where they explore matters like the type of ammo you use for your gun and some safety tips.

7. Focusing On Downed Birds

Following a covey rise, some hunters make the mistake of focusing too quickly on the downed birds. Instead, they ought to be observing the other birds’ escape routes from the covey. Keep an eye on the escaping birds because they frequently sail a considerable distance before abruptly changing course.

By the way, if you’ve made it so far and you’re actually one who just traps quail then you’d probably want a good trap which I personally recommend being the Alemon 12“ Bird, Pigeon, Quail Humane Live Trap which basically captures the quail or any other bird you might be interested in.

8. Slow Down

When hunting quails, many hunters make the mistake of being impatient. Slow down and work your way around the edges of the fields, working your way into every crevice. You will find additional coveys if you carefully and slowly inspect every area.

9. Cold Weather

Quail will begin to feed and leave scent trails for your pointing dog to locate when the temperature drops due to snow or rain. This could be beneficial for you because your dog will find them for you to hunt. If you’re in Texas right now, you may be interested in looking at 7 TIPS & TECHNIQUES FOR QUAIL HUNTING IN TEXAS.

10. Car Keys

If you’re going quail hunting and are worried about rattlesnakes, keep in mind that a set of car keys is the best way to keep them away.


Knowing how to catch them was a breeze but perhaps cooking them can be daunting for some of you guys but quail meat is high in protein, iron, and other essential nutrients which makes it perfect for a meal; they are very popular among hunters and game enthusiasts because they are considered to be some of the most delicious game birds.

Quail meat is also very popular with chefs because it has a mild flavor and cooks quickly. You can check on the video down below to perhaps turn things up a notch in the kitchen and surprise the missus!