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Is Hunting a Dreaded Sport? | Cruel or Human Nature?

Facts vs Feelings

Hunting has been known to many as being an act of killing an animal with equipment like guns and bows or any other equally lethal weapons. It is to be argued with the fact vs the feelings. In terms of facts, a human killing an animal seems to be a primitive and instinctive action from the time humans existed, but the feelings involved with this action is usually opposite from how humankind felt years ago in the BCs which is accomplishment and victory. Who is to decide what is okay and what is not?

We can turn to the “why’s and what’s” of the action itself, hunting NOW is seen as a crueler act by many due to the fact that men do not need to and that there are better alternatives to food consumption etc. but the reason why man do it is essential is a hard one to crack. Many years into my hunting experience with my other friends’ opinions make me draw a conclusion that there is a mixture of both instincts and the element of fun involved. When a man draws his bow or loads his gun there is a moment in which we feel as if we are caveman trying to get a meal for the family which is a phenomenon which shows that evolution does not change a man entirely.

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The action of even watching someone kill the animal does sometimes give the spectator that feeling of a thrill as much as it may seem gory and evil which is why it is so difficult to argue between facts and feelings. I’m sure that many other hunters reading this would be able to relate that the instincts of killing an animal although unnecessary is a rather satisfying one.

It is however to be made clear that killing an animal in the most merciful way is a rule that every hunter holds on to. It is an honor and respect to the hunter the more merciful the kill is.

When coming down to the action, as humans of this day and age we must obey the law of the land. If killing a certain type of animal is prohibited or any animal at all, one must obey it.


Personally, as a hunter, I think that hunting really does teach a man certain thing that other people will never understand. Killing an animal rather strangely teaches a hunter to be more merciful, loving and even caring with the ones around us as the value of a life is understood much more in depth. I’m not holding onto any sides here but the question that should be asked is how not to as hunting is part of the human DNA and less is able to be done about it.