6 BEST Gun Greases For your Shotgun, Pistol And Rifles

In order to make your guns last longer maybe even for generations, it should be lubricated, to ensure your safety and the preservation of the gun. A thorough check on the gun is important every now and then in order to avoid accidents.

By greasing your guns you could avoid the friction of the metals on the gun as it has many intersections, and the active parts are needed to be greased so it will be smooth to avoid any malfunctions.

If you are in a hurry, then check the TOP 6 here:

1.FrogLube CLP

2.TetraGun-Gun Grease

3.MilComm TW25B

4.Grizzly Grease CLP

5.Slip 2000

6.Lucas Extreme Duty

If you plan on getting a gun cleaning kit with the rods and everything, then you should instead check out Our Best Gun Cleaning Kit Set that allows you to do a thorough cleaning of your gun after you grease them or just for upkeep.

Criteria to Consider

How long it lasts

The lifespan of the grease depends on how slow the grease evaporates. It depends on how much you use too. The more you apply the quicker it depletes, at the same time you would want to avoid applying a lot because it might end up greasing the whole gun instead of the greasing the parts only. Normally, greases last longer than oil lubricants. The grease usually melts or evaporates in a heated atmosphere or when it catches dust too much so you would likely have to ensure that the grease you choose overcomes these obstacles.


Under this category you would want to ensure that the grease you buy is resistant to certain environments or situations because you definitely will be using your gun in different situation and in an open environment. Weathers such as winter or summer also affects the greases lifespan due to heat or cold. When it comes to heat situation, the grease would be easily melted due to the heat whereas, during a cold situation the grease might harden causing the friction of the gun to become worst. You have to take this into consideration while choosing the best grease for your gun.

Cleaning process

When u purchase a gun you should choose the best grease, this comes with an extra responsibility of cleaning your guns from time to time. Fortunately there is another alternative where you can save your time in cleaning your guns and that is to choose the perfect grease that catches lesser dust and dirt on your grease. Certain grease gives you the opportunity to save your time in an everyday cleaning process. Probably you would need to clean your guns twice or thrice a week instead of everyday.

1.FrogLubes CLP

FrogLube grease is really good for you to use on guns. FrogLubegrease comes in a small oval like container where you will notice the grease is light green in colour, and it’s soft and creamy. Frog Lube grease not only smoothens the surface of the coarse parts while also removes rust on the area where the lubricant is applied.

When it comes to the fragrance, the FrogLube smells really good as it has a pleasant minty fragrance. The FrogLube grease can be used for your and on any metal surfaced item such as blades, bearings! You also can use it on kitchen knives that have been rusted to make it look brand new. Don’t worry if you think the grease you use might be harmful because this grease is non-toxic and can be used to clean the rust on any kitchen knives and metal appliances. It also does not leak out from your gun. Therefore don’t worry about the grease ruining your clothes!

Apart from that, when it comes to cleanliness of the gun when the FrogLube grease is applied, you can save time in that because by using this grease it will absorb in the pores and it abstains from collecting dust and it’ll be cleaner in any inner part of the gun. This is also perfect for those who are going to use the gun is a dusty area as it wouldn’t catch dust or sand. When it comes to the cleaning part to remove the grease and apply it once again, you just spread out your gun parts on a piece of cloth or paper, then heat the metals parts with a hairdryer or just leave it out in the sun to melt the grease, as the grease melts the dust and dirt particles that has been on the grease. This is a great way to clean your gun with grease on it.

2.Tetra Gun Grease

Tetra Gun Grease is made up from Fluoropolymer White Grease, this grease is an organic polymer containing fluorine atoms, such as PTFE which stands for Polytetrafluoroethylene. What is PTFE?  PTFE is a fluorocarbon solid and a high-molecular-weight compound this means a molecular mass or molecular weight is the mass of a molecule. It is calculated as the sum of the atomic weights of each constituent element multiplied by the number of atoms of that element in the molecular formula. Which exist wholly of carbon and fluorine. PTFE is a hydrophobic substance that has no water consist in it, so the grease won’t evaporate fast and you could rely on it.

 When applied on your guns it will be in white in color but towards the end would turn colorless. The maximum temperature that this grease can withstand on is 100°F to 750°F that’s why it is called a heavy duty and could be applied on metal on metal gun. This grease could be applied on any types of guns such as a rifle, shotgun, handgun etc. To apply, use a piece of cloth any sorts with a pinch of the grease and apply it on the specific part of the gun such as the nooks, crannies, and pores of your gun metal piece and not forgetting the Tetra Gun Grease is focused on applying the function of smaller pieces such as rifle bolts, sears, locking lugs, and semi-auto slide rails.

Avoid applying too much of grease on your guns as it gets slippery and you wouldn’t want a slippery gun where it might be dangerous to use it in a time of an emergency.  This grease is known to reduce the friction on the metals when they contact, reduce the corrosion, and also it removes the rust on any sorts of metal. You only need a few minutes for the grease to cover all active parts of the gun. You can use this grease on a heavy intersection points because it don’t evaporate or dry fast as oil based does. Regardless of how, the oil from the grease tends to come apart from each other when not mixed, therefore, before applying on your gun its best to mix it well to avoid the separation. This grease is not only suitable for guns but you can also use on other material. For an example you can use it on filter of your camera lens when it gets stuck, this is to smoothen up the surface of the lens so it could work efficiently as good as applying it on your guns.

3.Mil-Comm TW25B

The next grease is the Mil-Comm TW25B tapered tip tube. The 1.5 oz plastic tube has a pointy tip and screw-on cap which makes it easy to refill by using a syringe to fill the tube up again once empty. So you don’t have to worry about wasting the tube when u can recycle it again, an environment friendly plastic tube! This grease is a light synthetic grease which is a product of Mil- Comm. Mil-Comm is a well- known company that produces good grade lubricants for all sorts of machinery including guns. This grease lubricant is also used by the U.S Military and U.S allied forces worldwide. So you can rely on the quality of the grease as its been used in the military.

 This grease is specially formulated to reduce the collection of sand which is good for those who want to use your guns in the dessert or somewhere dry. It is also good in reducing the catch of dust and powder fouling on the grease; this helps you to keep your firearms in a ready condition where you can immediately use it in an emergency state. This grease also supports superior corrosion protection for all types of guns and metals in all types of environments so you don’t have to worry about your gun being rusted. This grease is available in a refillable syringe or squeeze tubes and you can use it on heavy wear parts, exposed areas, and to protect the part of the piston engine. This grease is formulated to be a non-acidic, non-toxic, on flammable and water-based substance. Furthermore, this grease can be used on the rails and around the barrels of a gun especially on guns like Sigs Saur 1911s and CZ75.

The texture of the grease is creamy and greasy where it’s easy for you to handle and when applied on the gun, this grease would stay and last long as it won’t easily evaporate like an oil based substance.

4.Grizzly Grease 4 FL OZ

Grizzly grease unique formulated rod grease formed especially to be environmental friendly. This product was found by doing a research for two years and was all done to fulfil a goal which is to replace Barium Greases to greases that are not harmful to the environment. What is barium greases?  Barium greases are made up from barium compounds such as barium chloride, barium nitrate, and barium hydroxide which are all very harmful to the environment. Therefore grizzly greases has overcome all of these substances so you can use it to be on the safe side, avoiding yourself from all sorts of toxic chemicals.

A major test has been conducted by using this grease and it has been proven that Grizzly grease is very effective rod grease and its special characteristics made it perfect for any heavy duty machinery.

Besides that, the grease has its unique fragrance that would make you buy it just for the beautiful fragrance. You can forget about your olden days solvent smell, that stench that you have always remembered would change when you start using this grizzly grease. You wouldn’t even realize the smell of the grease, that’s how fragrant it is. On top of that, the looks of the grease is flawless. Its yellowish in color and it looks so clear and eye catching for grease. Since it’s a paste, it won’t get messy when you apply it on your gun. You don’t have to take time to clean. This helps you to keep the guns 50% clean and less time to spend on cleaning it.

Furthermore, this product’s ingredients are USDA Certified Bio-Based. What does this mean? Bio-based products are made out from plants and other recyclable agricultural, marine and materials used for forestry reproduction. Bio-based products include diverse types, such as lubricants, detergents, inks, fertilizers, and bio-plastics.

5.Slip 2000 Gun Lube 4 OZ

This next grease is the Slip 2000 Gun Lube 4oz Bottle. This grease comes in a bottle that has a pointy tube which makes it easy for you to point directly at any part of the gun and to squeeze the grease out nicely. It also looks attractive and easy to spot if you’re going to buy this bottle again, it has a bright red design on it.

The durability of the substance is really good as you can leave it at any room temperature and it wills look and feel the same as the first time you bought it. The solution doesn’t change color or texture although you leave it out of room temperature. The texture of the product is not sticky and it doesn’t burn off like a petroleum products and is safe to use on metal, wood, and plastic parts. This grease also don’t allow carbon, copper, lead and plastic to stick and you don’t have to waste time cleaning up as it would be 50% clean compared to oil based substance. When it comes to the smell of it, you can be pleased with it at it does not smell bad and would be comfortable dealing with it. This grease can be relied on as the substance is very thick and it does not evaporate fast like other oil substance. When it thick it takes time to evaporate and you don’t have to worry to change or refill the grease every now and then.

Besides that, its non-toxic so it doesn’t effect your breathing when you apply the grease. You don’t even have to worry having anyone by the side when you apply it on your guns because they wont be affected by the smell of the grease.

When the grease is applied it gives a perfect layer to protect the gun. In this way it dosent attract much dust on the gun causing it to become faulty because Slip 2000 Gun Lube gets into those small areas of the gun then it penetrates into the copper, lead and plastic wad fouling, trapped dirt, grit and grime and helps clean it away while letting the built up carbon to dissapear. . You got to keep your gun clean and neat in order to make it last long so you have to get a good grease like slip 2000 Gun Lube.

6.Lucas Extreme Duty 1 OZ Gun Oil

Lastly, the grease here is the Lucas Extreme Duty 1oz Gun Oil Needle Oiler. It comes in 3 (three) different bottles and in 3 (three) different sizes too. This grease perfectly prevents any damage to your gun as well as minimising the damage that’s going to happen to the gun for not using the best grease substance. Since it’s a good grease, your gun will be in perfect condition and you can trust on bringing it anywhere and to use it anytime.

This lube on the other hand repels dirt and dust on your weapon. In other words, it prevents any sort of dirt and contaminants from sticking onto your firearm. Also, it will not evaporate quickly from your weapon so your product can last for long-term use as you only need to apply a little lube each time as it is designed to penetrate metal pores, leaving them clean and protected.


I hope my review has helped you understand the importance of choosing the perfect grease for your gun. Choosing the right grease for your gun provides a long lifespan for your gun and gives you a better shooting experience!