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1.Apex Gear Covert Single Pin

2. Trophy Ridge Drive Slider

3.Trophy Ridge React One Pro

4. HHA King Pin Bow Sight

5. TRUGLO Range Rover Pro

6.TRUGLO Pendulum Single Pin


This single pin by APEX really is an apex of its own kind. This bow sight would be really suitable for those of you who prefer simplicity above all.

The bow sight here comes with a micro-adjustable windage meaning that it can it would be very much easier to handle this tool. Jumping into what this sight does best, the accuracy of this sight is achieved with the use of the aperture housing and the inclusive vertical and horizontal tilt adjustments.

This means that you can now shoot at any desired angle towards the target without a problem. Furthermore, the sight also comes with 120 pre-printed yardage tapes to increase precision in terms of calibration alongside that comes the detachable bracket and for smooth adjustment, a gear-drive elevation control!

Moving on to the durability of this product, it’s bracket is made out of machined aluminum making it strong and tough, suitable for any condition Mother Nature offers.

Even with such material to produce the sight, APEX did not compromise the weight of the overall sight, the sight is lightweight therefore easy to transport and carry during your archery.

User friendliness has not been compromised too, the bow sight comes with two pin sizes that you can choose from or even better, have both.

With two available pin sizes(0.019/0.010) one can really be contended with the purchase of this sight as it means you could share the bow sight with friends who want to shoot long distances while you prefer short distances.

The smaller pin for longer distance and the longer one for shorter distance of course! To add to the list of what makes this APEX an apex is that the housing is threaded to accept a lens if you want to add one, how thoughtful right?


Another one by Trophy Ridge! Trophy Ridge does product various products for the market but when it comes to bow sights, they take extra care. This particular single pin sight by Trophy Ridge is a must-buy for those of you on a budget to get something really good yet economical.

Beginning with the accuracy that this sight can produce, it comes with a very bright colored pin which should work in very low-light situations.

The pin mentioned is a .029 fibre optic pin that absorbs light which is why it is very bright. No worries for those who hunt in the night, the fibre optic does not absorb darkness but the Trophy Ridge comes with a LED light which will light up the pin and sight ring. This light is mounted onto the right side of the bow sight and is turned on with a clockwise rotation.

Along with that is the bubble level which is installed below the pin, ensuring that you have the right balance when taking your shot at the target! The combination of the pin and the bubble level truly does make this bow sight a true value for its money.

When questioned on user-friendliness, the bow sight can be used by both left and right handed people. All that you need to do is unscrew and flip it over to the other side. This may come to be a drawback for some but it’s a job that takes less than 4 minutes.

Overall, the sight is itself easy to install with the two screws that are provided. A plus point of this single pin is that as long as the poundage of your compound bow is high enough, it will be at 7 at 20 yards or even more!


If you are a regular on this site then Trophy Ridge would not be a new name to hear, they are their own brand and definitely a trusted one too. The single-pin bow sight offered by Trophy Ridge is an accuracy-guaranteed machine, the reason being that it comes with an advanced tool-less adjustment system.

Meaning that in scenarios where you feel your arrows are higher when shooting, using the sights gang elevation you can adjust it a little higher so your arrows are more accurately on target, your aim would be more aligned and focused!   Killing two birds with one stone here, maximizing accuracy and efficiency.

Secondly when it comes to bow sights, the one offered by Trophy Ridge has manipulable posts for micro-click windage and elevation adjustments! How helpful is this? This makes it very easy to operate, you would be able to make very minute corrections to your sight during a game.

For instance, if your yardage is 20 yards away, all you need to do is line your pointer at 20(highest dot) and release your bow and if it’s a 30 yard distance all you have to do is loosen the lock lever, make a counter clockwise turn on the crank knob therefore positioning it to a 30 yard mark, lock the level and yes, release your bow, simple!

As the name suggests, most of you may wonder what “React” means. React is a technology used on Trophy Ridge to simplify adjustments on range distance. Using this feature shortens your time spent on adjustments, for instance, once you’ve set a yardage at 20 yards you can set another distance say 30, 40 or 50 yards.

This would help automatically adjust the remaining yardages, giving you an advantage when shooting compared to people who would have to do it manually.


From the name “KING” you may tell that HHA has definitely put a lot of time in making this bow sight to make the sight representative of its name itself.

This single pin bow sight’s most dominant feature would be its overall detail put to it including its adjustable single pin sight, a crystal clear magnifier, two additional axis adjustments, the sight tape system and many others, which we will in turn explain to you below.

The magnifier of the sight would make it easier for yardage viewing, meaning that your aim at the target would not be deceiving. Your bows will therefore follow the exact distance in which you are aiming for!

Alongside that to further improve your accuracy, the axis adjustments would make it very accurate for any archer out there waiting to crush their results out in the field. There are two axis adjustments fitted to the sight compared to many other sights out there!

As mentioned earlier, the sight tape system by HHA is a carefully designed taping system that enables you to key-in your preferred yardage before shooting your bow and the system then works by itself with a cleverly designed mechanism, which means that you can simply sight in 20 and 60 yards to determine which of the pre-printed sight tapes works for your set up and you’ll be dialed in from 20 to 100 yards, by the yard!

Additionally an adjustable “Blind 20” feature allows for fast no-look return to your most common predetermined distance precision. This therefore ensures maximum security for you to take your shots in any given situation on target. Moving from a far to short distance target would be a breeze with the aid of this feature, perfect for hunting!

Everything said thus far, this bow sight does have a slight drawback, with its various parts in it, it may take one some time to get used to the equipment and the setting up, but archery isn’t only about shooting some arrows, it also takes practice and patience right?


What an impressive name! The product isn’t any different too, this single pin bow features TRUGLO’s innovative’ power dot illuminating center dot technology’.

This would help you archers out there who really need a bow sight in low-light conditions. The technology used also helps remove sight clutter and blind spots! This bow sight is also a very much economical one too compared to many others in the market, wonderful? YES.

TRUGLO’s evolutionary scope housing encompasses a circle with a lighted center dot for superior accuracy. Just what you need out there when you are doing some archery expecting amazing results as you do so because now there is only a single pin which reduces the obstruction of your view for long distance shots!

Other than the aspects of accuracy maximizing of the bow sight, it also comes with amazing software! The patented zero adjustment dial allows for ultra-smooth, fast and precise yardage adjustment. This will ensure that you are always silent when hunting; your prey won’t hear a thing out there. Alongside that is the glow in the dark shooters ring which increases your field of view.

Another important feature is the tool-less adjustment system, which would reduce the amount of time you need to adjust the elevation, yardage or windage. So when you are out there hunting or even practicing, this becomes a very helpful tool, especially when you’re after a prey or in an intensive practicing session.

The quiver mounts included too meaning that you would not have to make an additional purchase. The bow sight is also adjustable for right and left handed shooters, talk about convenience.

Based on many users of this bow about 80% of them love the elevation slider above the bow which is sleek and designed with precision.


Last but not the least is another product by TRUGLO. At first sight the Truglo pendulum has a lone pin in the housing and a sliding mechanical setup to adjust the range of the sight which looks very different from other single pin sights out there.

There is a reason behind this, the housing is connected to the bracket via a pendulum and the pendulum is inside a tube inside another one. This feature by Truglo allows the sight housing to sway freely to compensate for the elevated positions in which you might be in to shoot.

With that interestingly innovative design, the Truglo further does what these sights do best, maximize accuracy, through the use of the .019 sized pin. The pin is surrounded with the housing that is wrapped with fibre therefore making it fully protected, preserving the accuracy and precision of the pin itself. The pin is also really bright due to the extra-long fibre length.

The durability of this sight is ensured through the use of the machined aluminum construction, more durable than anything.

Enabling you to go out for hunting and season of the year! This single pin sight also comes with pre-printed yardage tapes so that you don’t have to mark each distance yourself. Now that the sight does your yardage count you’ll have more time to concentrate and get those perfect shots!

This sight therefore is an overall good option to those out there usually shooting from elevated positions and is in need for a versatile single pin bow sight.


When it comes to choosing the right single pin bow sight, it all comes down to the individual. The feature that all of the single pin bow sights have in common is that once you are done with the setup all that’s left to do is range the target and according to your preference move your sight to that yardage.

With mentions of all the best that you have seen so far you would’ve noticed that they differ in several aspects which is what makes each of them special in their own ways, it may be good for some and the otherwise for others so always be sure to think about it carefully before jumping into conclusions.

Overall, I think that single-pin bow sights are amazing in general for shooting and delivers consistent results every time.

The choice is yours to make, you’ve just been exposed to the best sights out there, now it’s up to you on whether you want accuracy bad enough to get them. We hope that we really did help in your decision making process, happy hunting with the latest and best this hunting season!