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In North America, pheasants are one of the most frequently hunted game birds. They are a favorite among hunters due to their challenging hunting skills and prized colorful plumage.

Pheasant hunting is a popular sport that requires skill, perseverance, and environmental awareness. It is possible for hunters to have a successful excursion while taking in the natural beauty if they adhere to safety precautions and preparations.

You can check on Five Pheasant Hunting Tips For Beginners if you are very much still a beginner or just getting into it.

Pheasants laying on a gun barrel during the winter season

1. Pheasants Sit Tight

When they feel under pressure, pheasants can hide and sit tight. Pheasants have the ability to hide in the tiniest patch of grass, forcing you to walk right by them. This is something that you must know so that you keep vigilant when you’re hunting for them, do not be tricked by these slick and sly little fellas.

2. Blocking the Exit

Pheasants will flush to the far end of the strip if you hunt any strip. They will, however, neither run nor flush because they are aware that a hunter is at the exit. They will, on the other hand, hunker down and take their chances with the covert hunter.

How to Catch Pheasants, Start to End

3. Hunting on Public Lands

In the early season, when public lands are under a lot of pressure, birds will move to nearby private lands. They will sleep on the public land again, but they will leave at dawn. You should consider getting a Pheasant Call which I personally believe would be best if you get the Primos Pheasant Call or the Haydel’s Game Calls Small Game Pheasant Call which are both terrific pheasant calls which you can use on the public lands if you believe they are nearby.

The trick is to hunt public land on the same day that private land near public land is harvested for corn. Pheasants will migrate to the public land’s marsh grasses when there is no cornstalk roof over their heads.

4. Hunt the Edges

Pheasants move through a variety of habitats during the day, so look for edged. Keep an eye out for places where two habitats meet. Like many other animals, pheasants like these transition points.

5. Hunt Cover Multiple Times

When you find pheasant cover, hunt it multiple times. Hunt it first thing in the morning and then again at night. During the course of the day, there is a good chance that the birds will move into the cover.

6. Pheasants and Snow

Pheasants taking flight in snowfall
Pheasants take flight in snowfall near Hamsterley Forest, north east England

Snow gives you a chance to track pheasants. You can quickly find out where they like to hide and how many of them are in the area. When you’re out there in the cold, make sure to be wearing the right gear and the Browning Pheasants Forever Upland Canvas Jacket or the VISM Mens NcStar Hunting Vest are good options for you as they are very insulated and keeps you warm out there. I actually use the one by Browning and it has a good feel to it too.

7. Hunt After Thanksgiving

Because many hunters have left the hunting grounds for the holiday, there is less pressure to hunt after Thanksgiving. Some of the best pheasant hunting can be had at this time. Additionally, the winter weather encourages the birds to form larger flocks.

8. Pheasants Fly Quickly and Highly

Following the initial flush, pheasants fly swiftly and high. Prepare to shoot with a smooth, quick swing and a lot of lead if you see pheasants coming your way after a flush by another hunter. When they are in full flight, they are quick, and you have to get your gun barrel out in front of them. Knowing that they are fast, some of you may be using four-legged heroes to hunt for them so you may want to consider getting the Pete Rickard’s Pheasant Dog Training Scent which is really effective for training, the smell is really effective in getting the dogs trained.

9. Water Sources

Work covers late in the afternoon in the dry fall months near watering holes. You could also check on A Guide to Wild Pheasant Hunting in North America for a guide more tailored for those who are in North America.

10. Reload Quickly

Always reload immediately after shooting a flushing bird. He might be accompanied by others. Others might get irritated by the fact that you are unprepared and have an empty gun while you are still basking in the excitement of taking out the rooster.


Pheasants are a high-protein, low-fat game bird that is full of flavor. Not only are they delicious when cooked properly, but they also provide a great source of nutrition.

Cooking with pheasants is guaranteed to yield delectable results, whether you’re looking to prepare a straightforward dish or something more complex. You can make dishes that will wow your loved ones if you use the right tools and ingredients.

If you’ve read the 10 tips above and find yourself quite equipped with that knowledge already then its perhaps time for you to learn to catch more of them and you can check on 10 Ways to Bag More Pheasants Now for a more intermediate-expert level advice.