This article will explore all you need to know about bow stabilizers for your archery and potentially the best ones for you to use when you go out there for your hunting or even your practices in your range.

Here are the 5 best bow stabilizers in the market to get your archery game to the next level:


Static,that’s exactly how you want your bow to be when you are out there shooting.There is none quite out there like this one by Trophy Ridge.

As mentioned earlier in the introduction on reducing the shock in hand, the Trophy Ridge does that by the unique design of the stabilizer itself. The structure of the stabilizer with holes along the sides allows air to flow through the stabilizer, keeping your arm straight without air resistance pushing against the stabilizer. In addition to that the braid wrist sling holds the bow onto your wrist with added stability and support.

When it comes to balance, the weight of the stabilizer is essential. The Trophy Ridge comes with two weights allowing you to control the weight and balance of the stabilizer depending on the situation you are in. The stabilizer by itself is 6 ounces with an additional 2,1 ounce weights, therefore allowing maximum control over your use of the stabilizer in your own situations.

This matters as it increases the moment of inertia and the amount of control over the net torque, such as the natural corrective moments that a shooter makes to keep the pin on the point.

In relation to maximizing control and stability the length of the bow plays an equally important role, the Trophy Ridge comes in 3”,6”,9” and 12”.The longer your stabilizer is the steadier your aim will be. However simply increasing the length of the stabilizer does not help in increasing your performance.

If the length is too short, the stabilizer might not do enough to increase the moment of inertia, if it is too long and you are hunting, it could catch on branches of brush. The Trophy Ridge therefore accommodates for all your hunting needs with the various sizes offered which allows you to make your own decision on the length of stabilizer.

Besides the weight, length and the design of the Trophy Ridge, another small yet crucially important feature of the stabilizer is the material used to sculpture this tool.

The stabilizer is made from Bllistix CoPolymer technology ,making it as strong as aluminium but at the same time 25% lighter, which reduced the vibration when taking your shot. The soft-touch coating feature of this stabilizer further helps reduce the vibration and also dampen the noise.

However, one must be aware that the Trophy Ridge is only adaptable to a specific range of bows eg, recurve bows. Although it limits the user applicable for the use of this stabilizer, it still does cater to many of you out there.


XTREME is what you get when you buy the stabilizer from Sport Hunter Xtreme. The stabilizer is uniquely engineered to help provide superior stabilization while conquering shot-induced vibrations!

To begin with, the stabilizer comes with the lengths: 6”,8”,8.6”,10” and 10.8”.With these specific numbers one can tell that Sport Hunter Xtreme has put a lot of thought in making this stabilizer as adaptable and flexible for all users. Giving the consumers a wide variety to choose from.

These wide variety of lengths help accommodate different people with different objectives in archery. With some people preferring  6” for short distances and 10.8” for longer shots. This does not mean the 10.8” is any better than the 6”,it comes down to the preference as both these lengths provide equal accuracy and stability

With the mention of length comes the counterpart weight which both work together to maximize your shooting accuracy. The Bee Stinger comes in weights: 2.7oz,6.4oz,8.8oz and 1.4 pounds.

Weight matters and here the Bee Stinger offers a wide variety of it. The weight in this stabilizer is focused at the end, making it very suitable for target hunters.

A heavy weight combined with  the Sims Internal Harmonic Dampener directly behind it is designed to assist in cancelling out the vibration. With that the vibration simply moves from the bow through the stabilizer, which is effective in executing its function and nearly as effective as it could ever be.

What makes the Bee Stinger completely unique is the material used for it, the use of ultra-light fiber material with stainless steel stud and machined aluminium endcap. The weight as mentioned earlier placed at the distal end of the bow combined with this ultra-light and rigid stabilizer rod makes the stabilizer one of a kind, the Bee Stinger only has this because of their patented technology used on it.

The stabilizer now almost completely meets the expectations of many archers: accuracy and stability. The stainless steel stud and aluminium endcap ensuring rigidity.

The use of the Sims internal dampener and de-resonator soaks up the shock to reduce vibration, maximizing your bow’s efficiency. Accuracy is therefore gained and vibration cut off as much as it could be, giving you a hunting experience like none other.

With that being said, the Bee Stinger meets various demands for many people, and with that comes a price too. Although the price is slightly higher than the other stabilizers mentioned here, with a great reward comes a great cost too right?


NAP is not new to producing archery products in the market, they offer solid and precision tools and a bow stabilizer is one they are very well familiar with. The stabilizer comes in 8” alone but with Apaches feature of enabling consumers to disassemble 3” of the stabilizer making it a lighter and smaller 5” stabilizer.

With that you will have the freedom of choosing the size of the stabilizer you will need according to the occasion without having to go and get a shorter one. This therefore increases efficiency and the adaptability of the stabilizer in different situations.

Along with length comes weight which is an essential role in ensuring the stabilizer is, well, stable. The stabilizer weighs 1 pound(16oz) and with the removable 3” removed the stabilizer would weigh about 0.85 pounds(14oz).With the removal of the 3” accessory made out of carbon fiber it helps balance out your bow according to your preference and situation.

The Apache stabilizer uses proprietary dampening material too. This material helps snuff out vibration and silence your bow at the shot .Ensuring maximum security in getting your bow on target while shooting. With this feature alone comes with it 30 vibration absorbing elements.

On the other hand, the NAP product has its downfalls too, as the stabilizer enables you to disassemble the 3” accessory, it comes at a cost of being a difficult task to do. As they are attached with small screws, removing them may not be a breeze but would take time and be meticulous.

In addition to that some consumers mention that the process of dismantling and adding the 3” causes a lot of wear and tear issues and the bows become less accurate with alignment problems etc.


With its complex name itself you may be able to tell that the stabilizer is probably as complex, this is a premium product and serves just as the name suggests, the stabilizer increases the stability and silencing when one is shooting a bow.

The stabilizer comes in two lengths:4 inches and 6 inches respectively. The 4-inch SSG weighs 6 ounces while the 6 inch weighs 8 ounces.

The 4 inch stabilizer being suitable for hunting bows that need to be maneuverable and compact while the 6 inch would be suitable for people needing more balance when shooting as it has a higher weight. This model comes with three Mathews lite harmonic dampers within the hollow body.

The 6 inch stabilizer is slightly different as it comes with four Mathews lite harmonic dampers within the hollow body. These dampers help absorb the vibrations produced when releasing the bow therefore increasing stability and at the same time increasing the accuracy. The dampers within the hollow rod also adds to the element of style and uniqueness.

Besides the weight and length is the design of the stabilizer itself. When speaking about design and structure the CNC machined stabilizer has various holes in its construction to allow for 80% less wind resistance and reduces the effect of hand torque during the shots. Allowing you to shoot more accurately without any movements due to air friction against your stabilizer.

Another key feature of this stabilizer is the lightweight construction, as opposed to many other stabilizers, this one has low weights designed in a way to maximize its stability and accuracy with the use of the dampeners as mentioned previously. This therefore makes it user-friendly and at the same time increases the control one may have over it when shooting a bow.

The assembly of this stabilizer is simple and is able to accommodate almost every bow out there. The reason behind the easy assembly is due to minimal movement of parts therefore lesser work in assembly and disassembly.

Although this stabilizer is associated with durability, longevity and minimalism the downside is the color of the stabilizer which fades away in the long-run. They come in three colors: Lost, Lost AT or Realtree Extra. However, a stabilizer does not require a strikingly beautiful appearance if the main objective is to increase your accuracy and level up your bow game right?


The name is quite representative of the appearance of the stabilizer itself, with the stabilizer shaped like an ‘S’ coiled up horizontally. To begin with, the S-coil stabilizer’s the most prominent feature is increasing the surface area of the rod with the coils which creates nodes which seek to absorb all the shock independently.

The weight of the stabilizer is 4.5oz which is a healthy weight to increase stability and increases the accuracy of the shots made, it adds just enough weight to balance a light compound setup. This makes it suitable for people who want to carry light and still perform exceptionally well in archery.

The stabilizer comes in 4.5 inches which makes it easier for one while hunting. The short length will be out of the way when shooting from blind stand climbing up to cramped tree stands.

The continuous spiral design of the S-coil Stabilizer isolates and dampens vibration at an increased rate, enabling you to shoot without any movements achieving the bullseye every archer out there wants. With the stabilizer also being a ‘one piece’ there would not be much trouble in assembly and at the same time increases the durability of it.

Easy to carry and easy to handle, just what one needs when hunting in the forest with little to no proper place to fix and assemble your stabilizer.

The S-Coil comes in various colors such as pink, green, black and the all the famous camouflage! The choice is yours to the color you prefer but its unadvisable to get a pink stabilizer and go to the woods, for obvious reasons!

The S-coil is made out of LimbSaver’s special NAVCOM which is a material that helps to cut vibration and control the bow jump when shooting. The stabilizer is most concerned with vibration dampening therefore may not accommodate your need for overall complete stability.

This is due to the aforementioned small and light weight design, the stabilizer while in some cases may be performing very well because of the type of setup and the opposite for others.

However, the weight and length of the stabilizer should not be a deterrent for you to purchase this product for yourself as many have reported that the stabilizer works exceptionally well without any problem in shooting perfect shots


With all that has been said above, it comes down to the type of person you are. The choice is very individual as the weighs and sizes of the stabilizers should be proportionate to your bow and your body.

The stabilizers above different as they can have the same objective, to make you more accurate in your shots and to be generally more confident when heading to the range to practice or to the woods for hunting.

On the other hand the main objective of every archer out there is to deliver shots that are accurate and to perform well in hunting. The stabilizer becomes an aid in ensuring your hopes of becoming a good archer is achieved. The stabilizers mentioned above are used by many archers and even athletes and all have different opinions on them, the choice is therefore yours.