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1. Ignoring the User’s Manual

When you want to clean your hunting rifle, the first thing you should do is read the user’s manual. When it comes to cleaning the rifle, it will instruct you on which products to use. It will likewise have graphs telling the best way to dismantle the rifle.

2. Cleaning without Removing the Magazine

If the magazine is still affixed to the rifle, make sure to take it out and check to see if the chamber is empty. This can be very dangerous for you and anyone around you as a magazine in a gun is just a potential shot at something or someone.

3. Forcing the Disassembly

To disassemble the gun into its primary components, follow the user’s manual’s diagrams and instructions. As you disassemble the gun, be careful. If it is breaking apart as it should, don’t force it. Lubricate anything that seems stuck and gently check to see if it can come apart.

4. Not Cleaning the Barrel

gun barrel

Clean the barrel’s interior with a solvent patch and a cleaning rod. Run a few dry patches after cleaning several times to get rid of any residue. Clean the barrel’s interior until it is white. If you notice blue or green stains, it still needs to be cleaned. I would definitely recommend that you get the BOOSTEADY Universal Cleaning kit which will come with the bore brushes and brass jags that you need.

5. Forgetting to Clean the Action, Trigger, and Magazine Insert

Use a solvent patch can be used to clean the action, trigger, and magazine insert. Use a good solvent patch as they will deeply cleans your firearm – down to its firing pins and strikers – to prevent light strikes and misfires. It loosens abrasive debris to prevent wear and tear, protects your firearms from corrosion damage, and removes carbon, powder, and lead fouling in barrels too.

6. Not Cleaning the Bolt

gun bolt

Always clean the bolt and the exposed chamber with a solvent. Dislodge any stubborn residue with a soft brush.

7. Forgetting the Gun Stock

gun stock

Utilize a brush and a cleaner to clean the gunstock. I would recommend the iunio Gun Cleaning Kit which is a really good gun cleaning kit that will help you somewhat attain what you see in the picture above.

8. Not Lubricating the Metal Components

Reassemble the gun and lubricate the gun’s metal parts with an oil patch. The lubrication will prevent corrosion and facilitate efficient operation of the metal parts.

Apply a small amount with a paintbrush or Cue-Tip to areas where metal slides or rubs. The trigger assembly and the location where the bolt slides on the receiver are significant locations.

The #1 brand in the world for a gun grease would be by Hoppe’s and I would definitely recommend that you get the Hoppe’s No. 9 Gun Grease to grease everything inside and out the next time you clean your guns.