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Rangefinder by Nikon Front Profile for Hunting
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Learn to buy a Rangefinder

The rangefinder you use would serve the purpose of calculating the distance of the animal in meters/feet or any other metric you choose from the place you are standing in. You would look through the scope the rangefinder has and have a precise distance measurement…Continue Reading

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Recreation Area Signage

10 Best Hunting Spots In Oakland – Acres for Hunting

Oakland is one of the biggest cities in California. Located on the east side of San Francisco Bay, it is …

The “Three” Rule of Survival – A Crucial Survival Guide

The “3” rule of survival or “3s of survival” is the essentially a guideline on how to survive in harsh …
primitive fire starting

6 Methods to Start a Fire from Scratch

In a survival or wilderness setting, starting a fire requires careful preparation, the right methods, and a solid understanding of …

10 Grass Carp Fishing Tips

Get started fishing in lakes and ponds for grass carp. The grass carp is a non-native species that was imported …
Boy and father hunting

How To Begin Your Hunting Journey

Actually, the oldest and most popular reasons for hunting are the same: It’s a great way to get yourself and …
Man wielding rifle in grassland

Hunting Accidents and Body Armor: How to Stay Safe Outdoors

Hunting can be a thrilling and rewarding activity, but it also comes with inherent risks. Every year, hunting accidents occur, …
Different gun shells

FAQs on 270 vs 308 Cartridges – 26 Questions Answered

Which is better for long-range shooting, the 308 or the 270? For long-range shooting, both the 308 Winchester and the …
different types of bullets

.270 vs .308 Winchesters: Which is More Powerful?

The 308 has power to kill large animals while also being accurate and simple to shoot. On the other hand, …
Deer on road at night

9 Mistakes to Avoid when Hunting Deer at Night

In recent years, more and more attention has been paid to the contentious issue of night hunting. One of the …
Cleaning gun with toothbrush

8 Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning Your guns or Rifles

When you want to clean your hunting rifle, the first thing you should do is read the user’s manual. When …
Elk in wilderness

How to Hunt for Elk – Guaranteed Advice for Beginners

Elks have a long lifespan with an average life span of 15 years. Elk are herbivores that eat grasses, shrubs, …
tree stand with greenery background

How to Buy a Tree Stand: 10 Best Tree Stands for Hunting

Tree stands are overall a great help for hunters using bows or guns, they serve the purpose of keeping you …
Various knives on a white background

11 Best Hunting Knife Sets – A Buyer’s Guide

In purchasing a knife or a knife set, it is important that you know what it is for and second …
snowshoe hares on a pickup truck

6 Simple Snowshoe Hare Hunting Tips

Snowshoe hares protect themselves from aerial predators by feeding on undergrowth and using the sky as cover. Tracks, trails, and …
Duck mid-flight

How To Hunt for Ducks This Winter

When setting up duck decoys, you need to leave a space where the birds can land in the wind so …

10 Best Hunting Rangefinders: Complete Beginners Guide

This post would be an enlightening one as you would now be able to make a decision on a hunting …

How to Buy a Hunting Rangefinder: 11 Points to Note

This is how a rangefinder works: Firstly, a laser beam bounces off your target when you press a button on …

10 Gift Ideas for Every Hunter

Thinking of getting a gift for a friend? We have come up with a list of 10 items that you …
winter fishing crowd on ice

Traditional Winter Fishing Advice

Fishing can be done in any season, but the best time to fish is during the winter months. The cold …

Advice On How To Catch a Walleye

Actually, the name ‘walleye’ comes from an Indian word meaning ‘to wink’ because of the fish’s ability to close its …
Dog hunting quail

How to Hunt Quail from An Expert

Quail are birds native to the Americas. They’re a member of the Phasianidae family and the genus Coturnix. The name …
Brown tree stand attached to tree.
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Learn how to buy a treestand

Tree stands are essentially tree-stands meaning that there will be sort of a stand which will be mounted onto a tree in order for you to stand on it. This is a great hunting aid which will be helpful for your hunting no matter what weapon used, bows or guns…Continue Reading

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